New job, a new beginning

Have you just arrived in the Netherlands and you are a status holder? Or have you been working in the Netherlands already for a while being a status holder? Then you are the one we are looking for! We are Talents for the Netherlands, a recruitment organization especially for new arrivals. We are looking for talent to fulfill the vacancies of our clients to ensure that new arrivals can have a new beginning in our Dutch society.

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Talents for the Netherlands

We are convinced that when you have a job it will be easier for you to learn our language and to understand our culture. Whereas, organizations are happy to use your experience and competences. Talents for the Netherlands creates a bridge to bring parties together, to enter into a sustainable work relationship.


Job mentoring

We have a team of dedicated job mentors who will support you in your new role during the first months. On a regular basis they will guide you to find your way in the organistion and its culture. It’s so important to have someone when you’re just beginning, because you don’t know the workforce and your network is limited. Having a mentor means there’s someone in your corner. They will also support the organisation. Sometimes it takes some getting used to a new colleague with a different background and different way of working. With a little patience and proper guidance you will quickly feel at ease in your new work environment.

Vacancy driven

The vacancy of our client is leading. Based on the job requirements we start looking for suitable candidates among new arrivals. After a thorough pre-selection we will submit a shortlist to our client. If you get the job, a job mentor will guide you in your new role during the first 3 months. Having a mentor means there’s someone in your corner.

Your talent

Many of the new arrivals are well educated. The difference in level of education may be a threshold for companies. After a thorough assessment we will inform both our clients and candidates so they know exactly where they stand. A diploma evaluation is the norm in our intake.

Sustainable work relationship

Our goal is to create a sustainable work relationship between our clients and candidates. Only then you will achieve maximum results. It will take some time before you get settled into your new role. And ones that happens you will be successful!

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