New arrivals are the solution

Talents for the Netherlands enables you to tap into unused labour potential that can help you fulfil your vacancies. Our Recruiters will search, based on your job requirements, for candidates amongst the new arrivals. These status holders are highly motivated and well educated. After hiring and our 3 months mentoring programme you will experience their motivation to succeed and to build a new existence. To get a new perspective on life and become financially independent . Experience our new way of recruitment amongst the new arrivals.


‘New arrivals’

In our communication we are talking about new arrivals. In our opinion ‘new arrivals’ has a positive connotation, whereas ‘refugee’ or ‘status holder’ hasn’t. New arrivals have experienced many extremely stressful events and want to make a new start, not only for themselves but also for the generations to come. The sooner they can resume a ‘normal’ life, the sooner they are able to integrate and to contribute to our society. And having a job can help tremendously. It will accelerate the improvement of their Dutch language skills and the knowledge of our culture.  We are looking forward introducing their talents and passion to our clients.

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We will find the right competencies through our extensive network and by making use of multiple channels to reach our target group.


During the whole process, from recruitment to introduction, our multilingual recruiters will support both applicant and employer.


Together we will contribute to a  sustainable and inclusive society!