We offer new arrivals a new perspective

The aim of Talents for the Netherlands is leading new arrivals (status holders) into the Dutch labour market. Currently too many of them are without work while at the same time many companies are looking for employees with the right competences. Our Recruiters speak the language, know the background and culture of these new arrivals.  This enables them to find potential  candidates via multiple channels for your vacancy.

The new potential

In the Netherlands as in many other European countries, demographic developments and structural change are increasingly giving rise to labour market shortages. Despite these shortages it is still difficult for new arrivals as well as employers to find each other. Prejudice, language barriers, cultural differences, and differences in ‘work ethic’ are barriers to labour market integration. Only 15% of the new arrivals succeeded in finding paid work, mostly on a temporary basis and below their level of education. This causes frustration and/or depression.


Your vacancy, our starting point

Your vacancy is the starting point for Talents for the Netherlands. Based on your job requirements our multilingual recruiters will start looking for the right potential candidates via a strong network of partners and using multiple channels to reach the target market. After a thorough pre-selection we will submit a shortlist.


The initiators of Talents for the Netherlands have, based on their extensive work experience, a strong Dutch business network. They are supported by Leaders Trust, a leading executive search firm, sharing their knowledge and expertise.

The bridge

Talents for the Netherlands  aims to bridge cultural differences. New arrivals often are without a job or working below their level of education. Our goal is to support them in finding jobs resulting in creating a new perspective with a positive effect on the person’s life and social environment.

Recruitment of new arrivals

We are capable in finding experienced potential candidates with the right educational level and competencies valuable for the Dutch labour market. We make use of our strong Dutch business network, with your vacancy being the starting point. A search activity focused on new arrivals.

Our organisation

The initiators of Talents for the Netherlands are Wim Kerkhof and Freek Veenemans. They have extensive work experience in the field of HR and Recruitment. Wim Kerkhof was among others responsible for HR at Zwitserleven and Unirobe Meeus Group and Freek Veenemans for Management Development and Executive Recruitment at ING Bank and NN Group. After ending their careers they decided to, with the support and expertise of Leaders Trust, to start a new business in 2019. The aim is leading new arrivals into the Dutch labour market, giving them a new perspective: Talents for the Netherlands.

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